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How it works

01Reserve a prime video studio at one of our locations now.
02Visit us and record professional video footage at one of our studios.
03Get your raw files delivered directly to your inbox within 24 hours.
04Hire us for all of your post-production needs for professional videos.


5 reasons to choose Videohaus

01Professional Equipment:

"We use professional-grade equipment for top-notch video production, including cameras, lighting, audio gear and specialized equipment, ensuring industry standards are met."

02Flexible Booking:

"Our flexible booking options enables you to only use the studio when you really need it, which can help save you money and reduce the hassle of setting up and breaking down equipment for each shoot."

03Central Location:

"Our video studios are located in central and easily accessible locations, which are convenient for you, making it easy for you to reach the studio for you video production needs."

04Ease of Use:

"Our studios feature clear instructions and knowledgeable staff available to assist, making equipment use easy and ensuring smooth shoots for clients, saving you time and frustration."

05Transparent Pricing:

"We offer transparent pricing, with clear and upfront costs. This makes it easy for you to budget for shoots and avoid any unexpected expenses."


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