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How to set up the camera?

Studio 1

The three PTZ cameras in Studio 1 are operated via the computer located in the room.

When the computer is switched on, the program for operating the cameras and starting recording opens automatically. You can adjust the angle of the cameras and thus the frame of the cameras by selecting the desired camera and moving the view with the joystick on the keyboard.

Studio 2

To turn on the camera, push the two red buttons when you enter the room – one on the bottom left when you enter the room, one on the left near the window. This will turn on all the lights and the camera.

Adjust the camera, framing and staging (more details in a follow-up question) and once the camera and the stage are ready to record, make sure to press the red ‘Record’ button on the camera.

Tip: Don’t confuse it with the regular photo button!

Tip: A red recording indication will show up on the screen if recording.

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