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How to get the teleprompter ready?

If the teleprompter is not already attached to the camera, you can find it in the closet. For access, please scan the QR code.

The app that is used for the teleprompter is called BestView :

  1. It’s better if the client uses his/her own phone, downloads the app, and then uploads the text directly to the app. However, there is a phone in the studio for teleprompter use. You’ll find it on the main desk.
  2. Place the phone into the Teleprompter and make sure that the phone ‘off’ button isn’t being pushed by the teleprompter.
  3. Use the remote control to start, stop, go faster, go slower, go backwards or forwards. You’ll find the remote control in the closet.

Download BestView on your mobile:

iOS or Android

To transfer the files from a client phone:

  • Send the text to the computer by sending an email to the computer in the studio:
  • Copy/paste the text to the Teleprompter file. This file syncs with the teleprompter phone automatically.
  • Now switch to the phone, open the Teleprompter file.
  • Copy/paste to the BestView app on the phone.

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