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How to frame the cameras?

Staging: Stand in the center of all four of the lights. The lights near the windows will light up the face, and the lights near the background will light up the background. Make sure not to stand too far back. Usually, standing near the line of the carpet is a good position.

Next, adjust the camera, angle and zoom as needed.

The tripod can also be adjusted as needed by opening the latch features on all 3 of the tripod legs. It’s important to hold the camera steady while adjusting the tripod to ensure the camera doesn’t fall. There is a small liquid balance indiciation to demonstrate if the tripod is positioned levely.

Framing: The individual should be framed nicely in the frame of the background (specifically important when using the green screen) and not partially outside of the frame.

Tip: If recording on your own, test the location and the framing and then place a temporary mark where you will stand for the remaining recording.

Tip: When people are moving around a lot within the frame, this will not appear well on camera. To solve this, either use a bar stool or imagine planting your feet like a tree.

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