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How to set up the stage?

1. Furniture

Videohaus is a modular studio. Feel free to move furniture around as needed. Keep the lighting in mind when arranging the furniture, and ensure the furniture is centered in between the lighting elements and that there is a light opposite each individual being recorded. The furniture options are as follows:

Office setup, more formal (table & chairs)

Living room/ fireside, more casual (living room chairs and coffee table)

Podcast Microphones

2. Background

Studio 1 has two background options:

    1. Green screen (which can be edited in post-production to display any desired background)
    2. White curtains
      The green screen can be folded up quite easily and placed comfortably behind the curtain (to the left of the stage). Once the green screen is removed, check that the white curtain is evenly distributed, not wrinkled and looks neat.

Studio 2 has a green screen (which can be edited in post-production to display any desired background).

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