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How to set up the audio/microphones?

You can chose between using the Lavalier microphones or the podcast microphones, both provided at the studio and placed in the closet.

How to use the Lavalier (small) microphones?

Lavalier (small) microphones are located in the closet. For access, please scan the QR code. Each lavalier (small) microphone box contains a full microphone set and the various parts should not be separated! They are color-coded to ensure that the correct parts are paired. Each microphone set connects with the “Zoom H6 Recorder” (audio recording device) that you’ll find in the closet as well.

The parts that you need are:

  1. Microphone box (small black square)
  2. Receiver box (small black square with small screen on it)
  3. Lavalier microphone
  4. Headphone jack connector (red wire)
  5. Microphone jack for connecting the headphone jack connector to the “Zoom H6 Recorder”

The “Zoom H6 Recorder” (audio recording device) can integrate up to four microphones/ audio files at a time.

To operate the Lavalier (small) microphone:

  1. Turn on the microphone box (long hold on the Ø button) and the receiver box (long hold on the Ø button). They connect automatically (based on the color-coded stickers).
  2. Plug in the lavalier microphone to the microphone box, and make sure you hear a ‘click’.
  3. Clip the lavalier microphone onto the individual’s clothing in a way that the head of the microphone is pointed directly at the mouth. Hide the wires and place the microphone box into a pocket or clip onto clothing in a hidden way.
  4. Set up the “Zoom H6 Recorder”: We use a cloudfilter for better audio quality. Plug the microphone jack into the cloudfilter, which is connected to the “Zoom H6 Recorder” (if it’s not already plugged in). Next, plug in the red wire into the microphone jack and finally, attach the receiver box. Hearing the ‘Click’ at each step is critical!!

The Lavalier (medium) microphones are available as a backup in case the small ones have no battery or are being used by a different group. They are charged with batteries (extra batteries are located in the closet). They operate exactly like the Lavalier (small) microphones, but are much larger and more cumbersome.

Podcast microphones (for studio 1) are located in the closet. There are two large boxes, each one contains a full microphone set.

  1. Put together the microphone parts from the box and attach to the table.
  2. Check that the microphone reaches the speaker’s mouth nicely, but doesn’t block his/her face.
  3. Attach the cable: Click the cable into the microphone underneath, wire it through the holder, attach it directly into the RODE receiver on the desk – listen for the ‘click’.
  4. Turn on the RODE receiver by pressing the red button on the back.

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