Main Trainstation Zurich

Anwandstrasse 23, 8004 Zürich, Switzerland

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Welcome to Videohaus Main Train Station, located just a 5-minute drive from Zurich's main train station. Our authentic audio/video studio vibe creates an intimate and cozy atmosphere, with a live room and a living room featuring a piano. Our high-end control room boasts the best equipment available to bring your recording and mix to the maximum. Our studio is perfect for music videos, audio recording, podcast production, video interviews, and teleprompter readings. Operated by the talented Shai Sivan, who has worked with international superstars and was in charge of recording and mixing for the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 in Tel Aviv. Shai recently won the Israeli Academy Award for Soundtrack Design for the movie Red Fields (Mami), for which he recorded all vocals live on set and mixed the music. Come experience the magic of Videohaus Main Train Station.

Main Trainstation Zurich address

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