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{ "id": 9, "title": "Jerusalem Media Group - Studio B", "slug": "jerusalem-media-group-studio-b", "description": "Studio B by Jerusalem Media Group, for professional news or podcast productions. \nWith crystal-clear sound and optimal recording conditions, every word is heard with clarity, enhancing the overall production experience.\nThe Studio is equipped with a 4k camera, microphone, earpiece and enables you to conduct professional virtual meetings, webinars, and podcasts with exceptional audio and video quality. For added versatility, this studio provides an LED background, allowing you to customize the visual backdrop according to your creative vision.", "position": 8, "address": "Mercaz Sapir 3/47, Jerusalem, Israel", "addressAdditionalInfo": null, "bookingDisabled": false, "hidden": false, "workingHours": [ { "days": [ 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 ], "endTime": "17:00", "startTime": "9:00" } ], "priceForHour": 351, "minimumSessionLengthMinutes": 60, "currency": "ILS", "timezone": "Europe/Zurich", "instantBook": false, "videohausAsset": false, "discounts": [], "periodLimit": {}, "buffers": {}, "selectedCalendarExternalId": "", "amenities": [ "Make up", "Air Conditioning", "Coffee & Snacks", "Teleprompter", "Greenscreen" ], "studioImages": [ { "id": 1102, "href": "https://videohaus-assets.s3.eu-central-1.amazonaws.com/studio-images/8nI3I9IUa.jpeg", "alt": null, "studioId": 9 } ], "users": [] }