Why your Fintech Startup Needs Videos

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Fintech can be a dry subject for some. From a consumer’s point of view, any company or subject to do with finance can quickly get intimidating or boring (sorry!). If you are a fintech company looking to engage consumers or other businesses, videos can help explain your product or service better.

This blog post will cover why your fintech startup needs to pivot to video content and provide some ideas on content you can create!

Why Fintechs need to create videos
Fintechs are incredibly niche, catering to certain specific issues in their space. The problem is there are too many of them doing similar things, making fintech startups interchangeable in the minds of people. In that respect, general tech startups and SaaS platforms have it easier, especially since they are more likely to be B2B-oriented, which is easier to segment than a B2C company. The other problem is that fintechs compete with traditional banks and banking services; forcing consumers to pivot from long-standing institutions can be quite challenging.

This is why you need to change your marketing strategy and which platforms you present yourself.

Videos retain attention
Humans will always prefer visuals over text when learning something new. Videos combine movement, sound, text, and images, allowing you to pack greater value in one minute than a 1000-word article. That’s why it’s said that a 1-minute video is equal to 1.8 million words.

Videos build trust
Companies that prefer to stay out of touch and not appear on social media create a sense of mistrust among the public. Videos allow you to connect with your audience on a more personal level, starting a conversation about their needs and how you can help. Marketing isn’t just about making a sale; it’s about retaining them as a client and building loyalty. Live-action videos foster trust and authenticity.

You can stand out
Investment, savings, insurance, and retirement aren’t the most exciting topics to discuss, and graphs and pie charts are instantly off-putting. With videos, you can break down complex ideas into simple language, providing consumers with the information they need without bogging them down with jargon.

Fintech content ideas
Millennials will make up 75% of the workforce by 2025, and the crowd is traditionally put off by discussions around finance and money management. At least, that was the consensus. The truth is that 45% of millennials want financial services that help them better handle and invest their money, but 37% aren’t able to find access to good educational resources or help.

That’s why the focus needs to be on educating.

Product overview videos
This video simply explains what you do and how it benefits your ideal customer. The purpose isn’t to close the sale but to intrigue them and push them further down the funnel. State your main purpose, why your solution is the most effective one, and wrap it up with a call to action (CTA).

Product demos
A demo video walks your customer through the process of using the product. Depending on your business model and the entities you deal with, this may need to be personalized. Even if you choose to make a general video addressing your audience’s questions, it makes a world of difference!

Case studies
Case studies communicate the effectiveness of your products and provide a more data-focused approach for your consumers that prefer numbers and facts. You can get more technical in these videos while communicating how your product helped someone else achieve something.

Client testimonials
Not to be confused with case studies, testimonials are less technical and focused purely on emotion. While case studies provide hard data, testimonials are a much-needed human element that people look for when making a decision to purchase something.

Fintech explainer videos
A talking-head style explainer video with graphics makes introducing key innovations in the fintech sector exciting and more understandable. It combines education and entertainment, making it a worthy investment that both your customers and potential investors can enjoy.

Webinars and live streaming
Webinars and live streaming have become popular during the pandemic, and they are definitely here to stay. The aim here is to establish your startup as an authority and educate the audience. Your focus in a webinar or live stream isn’t to sell your product but to address problems and answer questions… the more you command authority in the space, the more people will trust you and your startup.

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