Why You Should Feature Your Face on Video

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Whether for personal or professional purposes, people create videos to share their thoughts, stories, and expertise with others. However, some people may be hesitant to put their faces on camera. They might feel self-conscious or worry about how they will be perceived.

This article will discuss the advantages of showing your face on video and offer advice to help you become more at ease while being filmed. From building trust with your audience to improving your communication skills, there are many reasons why putting your face on camera is a worthwhile endeavor!

What does the lack of a face in your video mean?

When you lack a face element in your video, you are not putting yourself in the forefront and not creating a personal connection with your audience. This approach may be suitable for certain types of videos, such as explainer videos or product demonstrations, where the focus is on the information being presented rather than the person presenting it. But in most cases, featuring your face in your videos can help you establish a stronger connection with your audience and make your content more engaging and memorable.

Pros of featuring face in your videos

Featuring your face in videos has numerous benefits, including:

Building trust

People connect with other people, not logos or products. When you feature your face in your videos, you create a personal connection with your audience, which can help build trust.

Increasing engagement

Videos with a human face tend to receive more engagement than those without. Seeing a face creates a sense of familiarity, and people are more likely to watch and engage with your content if they feel a personal connection.

Improving communication

When you feature your face in videos, you become more aware of your body language, tone of voice, and facial expressions. This awareness can help you improve your communication skills, making you a more effective speaker overall.

Enhancing your personal brand

Including your face in your videos can be advantageous in building your brand and setting yourself apart from competitors in your industry. Putting a face to your name makes you more memorable and recognizable.

Boosting credibility

Seeing your face on camera can make you appear more credible and authoritative. When people can see and hear you talking about your expertise, they are more likely to trust and value your opinion.

Featuring your face in videos can help you establish a personal connection with your audience, increase engagement, improve your communication skills, enhance your personal brand, and boost your credibility.

What to do if you don't want to show your face

There are instances where people simply aren’t comfortable putting themselves on screen, but they still want to build a connection and a community around their content. If you want to avoid showing your face and still want engagement, there are several ways you can do this!

Use visuals to support your message

Even if you're not showing your face, you can use visuals such as graphics, animations, or stock footage to help illustrate your message and keep viewers engaged.

Create a strong brand identity

Develop a strong brand identity for your channel or business, including a unique logo, color scheme, and tone of voice. Consistency in your branding can help you stand out and make your content more memorable.

Focus on your storytelling

Focus on telling compelling stories that will keep your audience engaged and emotionally invested, even if they can't see your face. Use anecdotes, metaphors, and examples to make your message more relatable and memorable.

Use a consistent format

Stick to a consistent video format, such as a regular series or template. This can help your audience know what to expect and make engaging with your content easier.

Be creative

Use creative editing, sound effects, and music to make your videos more engaging and entertaining. Experiment with different styles and techniques to keep your content fresh and interesting.

You can use several strategies to increase engagement in your videos without showing your face. To create compelling content that connects with your viewers, you can utilize visuals, establish a distinct brand identity, concentrate on storytelling, maintain a consistent format, and think outside the box.

Tips for startups when making talking-head videos

For startups looking to make face-featuring videos, here are some tips to keep in mind:

Be authentic

To connect with people effectively, it's best to be authentic and let your true personality show in your videos. It's best to be true to yourself and avoid using a rehearsed tone that doesn't sound authentic.

Have a clear call to action

Ensure your videos have a clear call to action that tells viewers what you want them to do next. Your audience can engage with you by visiting your website, subscribing to your channel, or following you on social media.

Use high-quality equipment

To ensure that your videos have a professional look, it's recommended to invest in good lighting, a microphone, and a camera. Poor-quality equipment can be distracting and make it harder for viewers to engage with your content. Alternatively, you can book a fully-equipped studio like Videohaus, which provides everything you need at a fraction of the cost and gives technical support as well!


Practice your delivery and get comfortable in front of the camera. The more you practice, the more confident and natural you will appear on camera.

Be mindful of your surroundings

Please pay attention to your surroundings and make sure they are clean, clutter-free, and visually appealing. A distracting or messy background can detract from your message and make it harder for viewers to engage with your content.

Engage with Videohaus

Including your face in your videos can enhance your relationship with your audience, boost engagement, and establish a unique personal brand identity. However, if you prefer not to show your face, there are still ways to create engaging content using visuals, storytelling, and creative techniques!

As a startup, creating high-quality videos can be a challenge, but with the right tools and strategies, you can produce effective content that helps you stand out in your market.

Whether you use a front person for your videos or choose to go faceless, Videohaus can help create engaging content for your business or startup. Contact us today to learn how we can help you create compelling videos that resonate with your audience and help you achieve your business goals.