What Your Video Editor Isn't Telling You

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Video editors are the behind-the-scenes maestros who breathe life into raw footage, weaving together different video clips, sound, graphics, and effects into a cohesive and captivating story.

However, there are aspects of their work and the video editing process that often remain hidden or unspoken. So, what exactly isn't your video editor telling you?

Here's some inside information that will make your collaboration smoother and the final product better.

Editing is More than Just Cutting and Pasting

Contrary to common belief, video editing goes far beyond merely snipping clips and piecing them together. It's about structuring a compelling narrative, balancing pacing, and creating emotional impact. A video editor is as much a storyteller as they are a technician, applying creativity and vision to every piece they work on. Their expertise often includes color grading, audio mixing, motion graphics creation, and special effects, all of which require unique skills and time to execute.

Good Video Editing Takes Time

Every minute of the final product can require hours of painstaking work. Sifting through raw footage, selecting the best takes, refining transitions, syncing audio, and implementing feedback — these processes are time-consuming. But this time investment ensures that your final video meets your expectations and communicates your message effectively.

The Importance of Pre-Production

Proper planning and pre-production can save a significant amount of time in the editing phase. Having a clear understanding of the project's objective, the storyboard, and the intended audience can streamline the process and guide the editor's decisions.

Revisions are Part of the Process, But…

While editors understand and anticipate that revisions are part of the creative process, endless tweaks and alterations can be counterproductive. Repeated changes, particularly those that divert from the original brief, can lead to project delays and escalating costs. So, it's essential to have a clear vision and feedback process in place to keep the project on track.

Communication is Key

Clear and open communication with your video editor is vital to ensure that your vision comes to fruition. If you have specific ideas about music, pace, mood, or style, sharing them upfront will help your editor align the project with your vision. Also, using descriptive language and examples can help communicate abstract concepts more effectively.

They Can Offer Valuable Insight

Video editors have a wealth of knowledge about what works and what doesn't in video content, drawn from their extensive experience. While they might not volunteer this information unless asked, they can provide valuable insights into your project. From improving the script to suggesting creative transitions, their expertise can greatly enhance the final output.

They Appreciate Recognition

While the limelight often falls on the frontperson or the company funding the video, the video editor plays a crucial role in the final product. Appreciating their hard work and creativity can go a long way in building a strong and productive working relationship.

Understanding these hidden aspects of the video editing process can transform your collaboration with your video editor, improving both the process and the final product. Remember, every edit is a decision made in service of telling your story in the most impactful way possible. Trusting your video editor's expertise and valuing their contribution will undoubtedly result in a video that exceeds your expectations!

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