Video Branding: Creating A Consistent And Memorable Video Identity

Video Branding: Creating A Consistent And Memorable Video Identity theme image

Are you ready to make a powerful statement and become a memorable e-commerce brand?

Then you need a strong visual identity!

In today's comprehensive tutorial, we'll explain visual identity, how it may make your brand more enduring, and how to build your own brand kit.

What Is A Visual Identity?

Your store's visual identity, which encompasses the "feel" and "look" of your business, could include the following:

  • Font(s)
  • unique symbol(s)
  • Color scheme
  • photography technique
  • Illustrational design
  • Patterns
  • Additional visual components

These branding elements are designed to work in tandem to create a distinctive and individual visual presence. It is vital to apply them uniformly across all platforms because of this.

Your business's goal, objective, and distinctive personality are all externally expressed by your visual identity, which goes beyond the sans-serif typeface you choose for your logo or the use of the most current Pantone color of the year. It's the images, phrases, and sentiments that come to mind when people hear or see your brand.

How visual identity helps e-commerce brands stay memorable

Having a visual identity aids in creating a consistent presence that your audience can count on any time they think of you or encounter your business. Your brand narrative is a crucial component of your identity. You can foster a deep emotional bond with your audience by using this potent energy! In other words, brand identifiers and visual cues aid in the development of your e-commerce store's reputation—that which it will become recognized, loved, and trusted for.

Think about some of the popular brands - Starbucks has developed a look and feel that customers can count on whether they place an online order, use the drive-through, or go into one of their cafés in person. Everything is artfully chosen, including the music, the colours of the furnishings, the tastes, and the scents. Even the barista clothes remain the same, displaying the distinctive siren emblem of Starbucks in their signature green colour.

This is the charm of branding: It fosters patron trust and loyalty. When people think of Starbucks, they anticipate certain things. And when people think of your brand, you want them to think of that as well.

Creating your brand kit for a memorable and consistent look

Now that we have a clear understanding of what visual identity is and how it may benefit your company's image, let's step-by-step develop your brand kit.

Description of your target market and significant point of differentiation: Who are you trying to reach? What kind of prospective clients are you trying to contact, and why?

Establish your target audience clearly before developing a value offer that will help you stand out from the competition.

For instance, if you sell organic protein powder, supplements, and fitness equipment that renowned celebrities use, then your target audience could be:

  • People who workout
  • Gym owners
  • Personal trainers

Consider what sets you apart

In keeping with the preceding illustration, your main point of differentiation may be the fact that "famous celebrities" utilize your workout gear. The celebrities who use your products and what they appreciate most about them may be included in authentic interviews, quotations, and tales that you can compile.

In light of this, your value proposition may read like this:

We offer fellow gym goers cutting-edge exercise gear used by celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Jason Momoa. new client? When you place your first order, you'll receive a starting kit of protein powder for free. Today, use the promo code NewFree.

If you have the money, think about collaborating with or hiring one of these stars for an influencer campaign. Otherwise, search their websites, social media accounts, and media sources for any mention of the products being sold and why they love using them.

What are your key business goals and key values?

For instance, do you want to be the first skincare business that employs only materials, methods, and products that are obtained ethically? Would you like to generate money to donate your back-to-school supplies to underprivileged schools?

Write your brand narrative (the reason you began your company), mission statement (what you commit to doing), and long-term vision (where you envision your company in five to ten years) using your objectives and values as a guide. Focus on your ideal consumer and how your items were developed for them in your narrative.

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