Use Your Brand Kit to Improve Your Video Edit

Use Your Brand Kit to Improve Your Video Edit theme image

In digital media, the importance of having a well-defined brand image cannot be overstated. A strong brand image helps your audience recognize and remember your company, and it can help set you apart from your competitors.

But having a strong brand image is not just about having a logo or a particular color scheme. Your brand image should be consistent across your visual content, including your videos. That's where a brand kit comes in.

What is a Brand Kit?

A brand kit is a guide that deconstructs the fundamental components of your business's visual identity. Using a single source of truth enables you and your colleagues to guarantee that your brand is consistent easily. It should include crucial elements such as:

Brand Logo

It contains transparent background PNGs of all variations of your logo and wordmark, including the white, black, and color versions.

Color Scheme

It's about approved brand colors, complete with their hex codes and categorization as primary, secondary, or for specific use only.

Brand Typography

All authorized brand fonts are clearly labeled for specific uses, such as header text, body text, and calls to action.

Additional Resources

Additional resources are regularly utilized assets, such as illustrations and background graphics.

How to create your own brand kit

Creating a brand kit can be a fun and creative process that helps define your company's unique identity. You will need to connect with a graphic designer or branding expert to curate your company’s identity.

Define your brand values.

Start by defining your brand's values, mission, and target audience. This will help guide the design choices you make for your brand kit.

Choose your color palette.

Select a few colors that best represent your brand. Think about the emotions you want your brand to evoke and choose colors that align with those emotions.

Pick your typography

Choose a font that reflects your brand personality. You should have at least two fonts, one for headlines and another for body text.

Design your logo

Your logo is the centerpiece of your brand kit. It should be simple, memorable, and scalable. You can work with a graphic designer or use online logo design tools to create your logo.

Gather other assets

Think about other design elements you want to include in your brand kits, such as patterns, textures, and graphics.

Document your brand kit.

Put all of your brand assets together in one place and document your brand's guidelines, including your color palette, typography, and usage guidelines. This will help ensure that your brand remains consistent across all of your marketing materials.

Why Is a Brand Kit Necessary?

Having a brand kit ensures that everyone generating material for your company stays on brand. This means that the colors, typefaces, and logos will all be the same, and your audience will identify your content easier when they come across it online. This consistency in high-quality content fosters trust among your target audience.

How do I change my video's Brand kit?

The process for changing your video's brand and colors will depend on the video editing software you're using. Here's a general overview of how you can change the branding and color scheme of your video:

Open your video project in your editing software.

Load your video project in your preferred video editing software.

Access the color correction tools.

Look for color correction or color grading tools in your editing software. This is where you'll adjust the colors of your video.

Choose your brand colors.

Use the color picker or color wheel to select the specific brand colors you want to use in your video. You can use your brand kit's HEX codes or RGB values to ensure you're using the right colors.

Adjust the video's hue, saturation, and brightness.

Use the hue, saturation, and brightness sliders to fine-tune the colors of your video.

Replace the video's title graphics.

If your video has title graphics, replace them with ones that match your brand's look and feel. You can create custom graphics or use pre-made templates from your editing software.

Add your brand's logo.

If desired, add your brand's logo to your video at the beginning, end, or throughout.

Export your video

Once you're satisfied with the changes, export your video and share it with your audience.

Having a well-defined brand kit is crucial in creating a consistent and memorable brand image. By using your brand kit to guide your video edit, you can create visually appealing and on-brand videos that help your company stand out from the competition.

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