Top 5 Equipment You Need to Film Great Videos

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Embarking on the journey of crafting exceptional videos necessitates more than just a camera. This article unveils the quintessential tools that form the cornerstone of remarkable videography. From stabilizing systems that ensure seamless motion to advanced audio setups that capture every nuance, we explore the top five equipment essentials that elevate your video production to new heights. Whether you're a budding creator or a seasoned filmmaker, these indispensable tools are your gateway to capturing and conveying your vision with unparalleled excellence.

Number 1- Stabilizer

Stabilization is crucial when capturing both videos and still images to achieve clear and sharp results. To achieve unparalleled performance, including a high-quality tripod and slider in your video equipment setup is essential, although the slider can be optional.

For optimal shooting experiences, tripods like the Manfrotto MT190X3 provide a robust and steady platform along with a fluid head, ensuring the best possible outcome. Utilizing an iPhone video stabilizer can also benefit if you're using an iPhone for video recording.

While multiple fluid heads may be necessary to accommodate your monopod, tripod, and slider, beginners can start with a single one. For those new to sliders, the Konova K3 kit is a reasonable choice to consider.

Number 2- Sound equipment

Indeed, a majority of online videos prove to be vexing, despite boasting remarkable visual clarity. The Achilles' heel of these videos lies in their subpar audio quality. It is imperative to ensure that your video production equipment is equipped with top-notch audio recording tools.

Even a video with a somewhat coarse visual presentation can hold the viewer's attention to the very end, provided its audio quality is up to par. Acquiring a high-quality video microphone such as the RODE model like RODE NT1 can significantly enhance background sound capture in tandem with your DSLR camera.

For scenarios like events or big gatherings, where mobility is paramount for recording, it is advisable to incorporate a wireless microphone, like the offerings from Sennheiser, or opt for the Zoom H4N recorder.

Number 3- Lighting

Absolutely, the significance of proper lighting cannot be overlooked when discussing essential videography equipment.

For beginners, a standard LED light attachment that accompanies your DSLR camera (which attaches to the top of your camera) suffices for amateur shooting. Alternatively, you can opt for a Neewer 160 dimmable LED light to kickstart your journey.

Advanced camera kits come complete with lighting stands, lights, and protective carry cases. It's crucial to bear in mind that lighting should only be introduced when the scene demands it.

Of course, scenes captured in broad daylight can often thrive without supplementary lighting, providing vibrant and sunlit visuals. However, when dealing with low-light conditions, lights become crucial to accentuate your subject.

Number 4- Backdrop

A backdrop serves as the backdrop against which you film your videos. Utilizing backdrops enables you to craft distinctive videos and disassociate yourself from visually noisy backgrounds and disruptive elements in your filming surroundings.

Backdrops come in various sizes and designs; there isn't a universally prescribed type for all-purpose use. However, to ensure both ease and the production of high-quality videos, opting for a backdrop composed of pliable and durable materials like vinyl or cotton is advisable. Additionally, prioritize an effortless backdrop to clean, fold, and transport.

Number 5- Memory Cards

It's truly a shame to have all that videography equipment performing at its peak, only to be hindered by insufficient memory for storing your shots.

Ensure you have ample spare memory cards on hand to accommodate the shots you capture during any event. Memories are precious, much like the unpredictable dimensions of joy captured through your camera lens.

Opt for compact flash cards and consider investing in SanDisk Extreme/Ultra memory cards for your high-end video camera.

Lastly, exercise caution when considering budget-friendly options. Prioritize reputable brands offering memory cards with capacities ranging from 16 to 32 GB. It's also wise to regularly back up your memory card data onto a hard disk in between shots.

Employing longer breaks for memory card transfers to a hard drive or PC serves as a protective measure, safeguarding both your memory card and the cherished memories stored within from accidental loss or corruption.

What to do when you cannot afford these pieces of equipment?

When financial constraints limit your ability to invest in high-end equipment, don't lose heart. Consider booking a professional studio for your video production needs. Studios often come equipped with top-tier gear, lighting setups, and acoustics, providing an ideal environment for shooting. They offer a cost-effective solution, allowing you to access premium equipment without the upfront investment.

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