Top 10 AI Editing Tools for Business Owners

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Harnessing the power of AI editing tools has become paramount. These sophisticated solutions streamline and enhance content creation processes, saving time and ensuring professional and error-free communication. The right AI editing tool can elevate a business owner's efficiency and brand image, from refining written documents to polishing marketing materials.

In this article, we delve into the top 10 AI editing tools, exploring their features and benefits and illustrating how they empower business owners to communicate with precision in an increasingly competitive market.

Number 1: DALL·E 2

DALL·E 2, an OpenAI creation like ChatGPT, is a cloud-based text-to-art generator. Create an account, enter a text prompt for your desired image, and click generate. Noteworthy features encompass a user-friendly interface, rapid production of high-quality, unique images, and the option to select the best image from four variations. The native editing tool permits text prompts for altering image elements. The outpainting feature extends images beyond their canvas. Yet, complex image generation might take time, and challenges arise with certain image types. Interaction limitations hinder fine-tuning. Pricing is $15 for 115 credits (1 credit = 1 text prompt with 4 image variations).

Number 2: ChatGPT

ChatGPT, an AI-driven chatbot, adeptly comprehends and reciprocates natural language input, fostering meaningful interactions. It furnishes informative, contextual responses, tackling intricate topics, research, content creation, recommendations, and code generation. Its strengths encompass a user-friendly UI, multilingual support, and a wide-ranging knowledge base. However, responses occasionally lack precision, originality, or variety. The free version's performance can waver due to connectivity or lengthier responses. Users' influence on answers could affect future accuracy. Pricing options include Free and Plus at $20/month, catering to diverse conversational needs.

Number 3:, an AI-driven writing assistant, conquers writer's block and accelerates content creation up to 10-fold. It crafts diverse long-form (blogs, product descriptions) and short-form content (social media captions, ad copy). Standout attributes include nearly 100% content uniqueness, 50+ templates, multilingual generation, adaptable tone, and integration with Grammarly, Copyscape, and SurferSEO. Collaboration tools facilitate teamwork. While a learning curve exists and occasional factual inaccuracies may arise,'s content requires human refining for publishing. There is no free plan; a 7-day trial is offered. Pricing tiers include Creator ($49/month), Teams ($125/month), and Business (custom pricing).

Number 4: Tome

Tome streamlines the arduous process of slide deck creation, offering dynamic outlines, stories, and presentations through a simple text prompt. Easily craft entire presentations or supplement existing ones with natural language prompts. Conversion of documents to presentations is a single click away. Leverage DALL·E 2 integration for AI-generated visuals. Embed live content from websites and external apps like Giphy, Airtable, and more. Collaborative features include sharing and commenting. Yet, media libraries for stock assets are absent, and advanced features like custom tables and animations are lacking. Exports are limited to shared links. Pricing options consist of Free, Pro, and Enterprise tiers.

Number 5: ClickUp

ClickUp, a cloud-based project management tool, optimizes task planning, collaboration, and communication. Newly integrated is an AI writing assistant accessible across the platform. Witness AI's prowess when generating tasks, crafting marketing content, planning events, or editing ClickUp Docs. Key features encompass web, desktop, and mobile access, 100+ AI tools categorized by departments, swift brainstorming with /Write With AI Slash, text editing through the AI command, instant content summarization, and task conversion. Visualize concepts via Mind Maps and Whiteboards, establish no-code automation, and synchronize with various apps. ClickUp pricing tiers include Free Forever, Unlimited, Business, and Enterprise, with AI available on paid plans at $5 per Workspace member monthly.

Number 6: Lumen5

Lumen5, an AI-fueled video creation tool, swiftly produces captivating videos for education, news, entertainment, or marketing, ideal for non-experts and budget-conscious users. Transform written content into easy videos, accessing a media library featuring stock resources. Output reaches 1080p resolution, complemented by numerous customizable templates. The user-friendly drag-and-drop interface facilitates edits, while automated caption generation enhances accessibility. Limitations of the free plan include fewer templates, 720p resolution, and watermarked videos. Though compilation time can vary, intricate customization options are somewhat limited. Pricing encompasses Free, Basic, Starter, Professional, and Enterprise tiers.

Number 7: GrammarlyGO

Grammarly is a personal writing assistant that ensures impeccable spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Enter GrammarlyGO, the AI-powered extension, which not only refines content but also generates outlines, drafts, and novel ideas. Customize your voice with formality, tone, and English variations. Features include a plagiarism detector and compatibility with various apps. English support is exclusive. Limited monthly prompts based on your account tier. Though not tailored for highly technical subjects, GrammarlyGO offers general writing aid. Pricing covers Free, Premium (Individuals), and Business (Teams) options.

Number 8: Bricabrac

Coding expertise is no longer essential for app creation. Avoid costly and time-consuming developer hires; instead, explore Bricabrac. This low-code/no-code platform transforms text inputs into functional web apps, sidestepping the need for intricate coding. Enjoy a user-friendly drag-and-drop editor for customization and rapid development. Output apps in formats like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, with free hosting included. While customization may be limited and complex apps challenge the tool, Bricabrac is a time-saving, cost-effective solution. Pricing entails a free 2-day trial and the Power plan at $68/month.

Number 9: SecondBrain

Formerly known as, SecondBrain offers an AI platform for crafting specialized ChatGPT-like bots tailored to your business expertise. Equip your bot with knowledge from website URLs, .pdf, or .txt files, then seamlessly integrate it into your website to provide instant user support. SecondBrain highlights include effortless bot training and embedding, multilingual capabilities spanning 90+ languages, rapid and precise customer query responses, and the flexibility to create multiple bots based on your subscription. Entrepreneurs benefit greatly. However, the free plan permits only one bot; response quality relies on training data volume and resource guides are relatively limited. Pricing tiers encompass Starter, Hobby, Power, and Pro options.

Number 10:, an AI transcription tool, effortlessly converts uploaded audio or video content, including podcasts, into text. Moreover, it serves as a remarkable note-taker by recording and transcribing online meetings and emailing key takeaways post-meeting, allowing undivided focus. boasts synchronized transcriptions with recordings, speaker labeling, adjustable playback speeds (0.5x to 3x), and auto-capture of visuals in virtual meetings. Collaborative features encompass highlighting, commenting, and assigning action items. Export options include various formats. However, limitations include:

  • Language constraints (U.S. and U.K. English).
  • A three-file limit on the free plan.
  • Occasional speaker detection issues.
  • The need for manual transcript refining.

Pricing spans Free, Pro (Individuals), Business (Teams), and Enterprise tiers.

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