The Perfect Landing Page Video

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Now, creating a website is less about showcasing your product and more about providing an experience to the visitor. This means each time someone sees your website landing page they should feel entertained through the use of audio, video, and graphics while perfectly understanding your brand values and connecting with your product or service.

That’s a rather tall to-do list!

Hitting the right points each time can be difficult, as there is no one set formula that works for everyone. If you’re trying to drive sales, generate new leads, or get a new sign-up, ditch the text and make the perfect landing page video with us!

**Why do I need a landing page video?**
Landing page videos increase the time visitors spend on your website, improve your ranking on Google search, bump up your engagement, and ultimately turn your visitors into loyal customers. In fact, landing page videos are responsible for 86% of conversions.

The right video will engage and educate while remaining brief and effective. How can you do that?

6 Tips for the Perfect Landing Page Video
1. Address the problem
If your product or service solves a key problem for your customers or industry, mention that immediately. Let your visitors know you understand the problem and answer the exact question they might be asking. Why should they sign up with you or buy from you? Because you have the solution they need!

Use that momentum to then guide the visitor to the sales process.

2. Humanise your business
You have a precious 8 seconds before visitors bounce from your landing page. You don’t want to waste them by peppering in tons of industry jargon they don’t care about. Rather than showing off the prowess of your startup, focus on how you make lives easier or better. Remember, it’s not about the product but the result. The result rarely has jargon!

3. Tell a story
Many people have likely faced the problem you are solving. Rather than informing your ideal customer what you can do, show them what you have already achieved! Use your landing page video to tell the tale of a customer who is “just like you” but found a better way thanks to your product. If you tell it well, you can create an emotional reaction that will further push your visitors to go through your offering.

4. Make it high quality
You have 8 seconds to keep or lose visitors to your website. Since this is essentially your first impression with a customer, use a camera that shoots in High Definition and make sure you have a good audio setup. Videohaus is equipped with state-of-the-art audio and video equipment with several background options and a green screen, instantly upping your landing page video quality.

You also want to give some effort to the editing process to ensure the product or service looks its absolute best!

5. Write a script
Recording a video that will feature on the landing page of your website can feel like a lot of pressure, so make it easy on yourself. Rather than improvising, spend some time listing the points you want to cover and weaving them into an entertaining, educational, 50-second-long script that you can simply read off a teleprompter. You will appear professional and prepared and won’t miss any of the exciting features you’re bringing your customers!

6. Add a call to action (CTA) to your videos
Once you have provided your customer with clarity on your offering and how you can help, be sure to include a clear call to action in your landing page video. The CTA will depend on what kind of campaign you are running and what you’d like them to do; this could mean subscribing to your newsletter, signing up for a service, buying a product, or whatever is applicable. Providing direction is key to a good website landing page video!


7. Make custom videos and landing pages for different visitors
Some visitors will find you through a campaign, while others will simply find you via Google Search. Tailor your landing pages and videos based on where the traffic is coming from to address the specific client’s needs.

In some cases, your startup may offer a similar service to both large enterprises and individuals, and their needs would differ when they look at your offerings. The enterprise would look for a more professional approach and want your startup to understand its pain points at a corporate level. The individual would like a more casual and personal approach.

When you are able to cater to these markets, you show a desire for true connection and authenticity, which will increase trust in your brand.

**Create your landing page video!**
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