The Role Of Music In Video Editing

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Music affects us; it is the common language of humanity. It is extremely unifying, whether heard or sung, awakening sentiments impossible to communicate verbally.

Because of the impact music has on human emotion, it is an immensely potent tool for marketers and anybody who creates video. You can elicit a feeling of joy, enthusiasm, horror, sadness, or anything you need, with music, regardless of whether it has lyrics or not!

Similarly, music can assist in marketing to craft a wide variety of emotional responses from a viewer, generate a rhythm for clips and scenes, and underline the overall story. Here’s how you can use it to make powerful video content!

Does music really enhance the experience?

If you're having problems realizing the impact of music in the video, pretend you're viewing a silent movie, television show, or ad. Although some films employ this method to evoke a feeling of seriousness or silence, it can still be quite unsettling to watch.

When creating a commercial or any video to sell your company, you want to make your viewers as comfortable as possible. A video developed for employee training or orientation can still benefit from a background track to help the audience relax and connect with the firm.

Although music is an important component in the video, a newbie may need to pay more attention to its significance or pick a song simply because they like it, which harms the success and quality of a movie. Experienced editors select music that complements the video and efficiently delivers the main idea.

Choosing music for your video may seem daunting, given the hundreds of songs available, but it will benefit your video and business more than you may think.

As you begin to create your video, the information provided below can assist you in better understanding why music is so crucial in your video and how to select the appropriate music for your video and business.

The role of Music in your video

Captures attention

Music is a powerful tool for capturing audience attention in video marketing efforts. The right track can set the tone for a video, evoke emotions, and create a memorable experience for viewers. Using music can also help to establish a brand identity and make your content more shareable.

One unconventional way to use music in your video marketing is by creating an original track specifically for your brand. This will make your content stand out and create a unique association with your brand in the minds of viewers. Commercials and radio stations, for example, use creative, memorable jingles to develop their brand and make themselves identifiable to viewers. Emotionally connecting with a brand through music boosts brand identification and encourages people to find and share more of your business's content.

This, of course, will be the more expensive option; there are plenty of stock audio libraries available as well, which you can filter for mood, genre, duration, and much more. Just make sure you spend a little time finding something less generic!

Either way, you open up an opportunity to connect with your audience through music, so don’t discount it!

Music conveys your brand's message

Music is important in communicating your company's and brand's message. The right track can help set the right tone and evoke emotions that align with your brand. For primary schools, pediatricians, and learning centers, music with high energy would suit best, while a luxury brand might benefit more from a classical or orchestral piece to convey elegance, refinement, and high status.

Every decision you make about your business communicates something about your brand, so be meticulous with your search! If you are looking to post content consistently, you may need to get a variation of the same music so as not to be monotonous but still maintain some similarities to align your social media platforms.

How to choose the right music for your video

Refine your search process

Selecting music that is appropriate for your video might be a difficult task. Music is often chosen in post-production after the sense of the video has been formed through conversation and footage review.

It is, however, always a good idea to begin thinking about music during the planning phases, ideally during the pre-production phase when you are putting your shot list or mood board together.

Ask yourself these questions to refine the process and make your search a little easier.

  • Do I want the music to have lyrics?
  • Does the music have lyrics that align with the message of the video?
  • Does the music align with the tone and mood of the video?
  • Does the music match the brand image?
  • Does the music add value to the video?
  • Is the music legally licensed?
  • Does the music fit the video's length and pacing?
  • Does the music elicit the feeling it is meant to?
  • How does the music fit with the visuals?

Consider the tone

Another important element to consider is the tone of the video.

For example, a fast-paced video promoting a sports automobile can use intense, fast-paced music. However, using the same music in a healthcare testimonial video will heavily distract from the message, causing your audience to click off and avoid your content in the future.

It would help if you first understood the video's tone before choosing the music. If your music does not represent your brand, you will confuse your audience and send the wrong message.

Consider your budget

There are tons of free audio libraries out there, in addition to paid stock libraries and producers who will create something from scratch for you. The question is: what is your budget?

If you have a limited budget, you should explore using royalty-free music, which means no one owns the rights to the music, and no royalties need to be paid. If you have enough cash to splash, consider hiring a music producer to make your own track that suits your brand and its message perfectly.

Create music magic with Videhaus

Using music in video marketing can be a powerful tool for capturing your audience's attention, conveying your brand message, and creating a memorable experience for viewers. When looking for a background track or music to accompany your video edit, it's important to consider factors such as tone, mood, pacing, and brand alignment.

Working with a professional video studio like Videohaus will ensure that your videos are of the highest quality, with music that perfectly matches your brand and resonates with your audience. If you're looking to take your video marketing efforts to the next level, get in touch with us to discuss our video packages!

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