How AI Video Tools Like Synthesia Will 10x Training Video Production

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Developing lesson plans and recording content for corporate training can be incredibly tedious, and content development teams are frequently overburdened and underequipped to handle it. Fortunately, several innovative and low-cost options on the market can assist you in creating more video content - chief among them is a video AI tool called Synthesia.

Training by numbers

Approximately 45% of learning professionals devote at least half of their week to training requests, and a single hour of traditional eLearning requires 130+ hours to prepare. And there's always the demand for additional video training.

We know videos are highly effective, but creating high-quality videos is difficult. Even when you outsource the work to a freelancer or video studio, there is meticulous supervision required to ensure high standards, not to mention how expensive they can get since training videos are usually an hour to two hours long each!

Why is video content so difficult to master?

So, you're aware that you should create more staff training videos, but it isn't easy to do. Training video production is a time-consuming procedure. Furthermore, training video production companies are costly, and you need to be a professional.

The current status of L&D (learning and development) is mostly due to cost, time, and resource limits, and there is frequently a mismatch across divisions.

Lack of resources

Limited budget, staffing, and time can hamper the quality of training video production.

Content development

Developing engaging, informative, and effective content is challenging for many L&D teams.

Technical difficulties

Working with complex video production equipment and software can be challenging for non-technical L&D teams.

Engaging learners

Keeping learners engaged and focused throughout the training video is a common issue.

Measuring impact

Measuring the effectiveness of training videos and demonstrating their impact is a challenge for many L&D teams.

Staying current

Keeping up-to-date with the latest trends and technology in video production is a challenge for many L&D teams.

AI-assisted scaling of training video creation

We've always considered video production a highly physical process involving cameras, lighting, performers, and pricey editing equipment. Not anymore!

Synthesia enables you to produce content straight from your browser and is driven by Artificial Intelligence, allowing anybody on your team to make interesting training and development videos without needing cameras, lighting, or microphones.

Consider it a collection of video-producing services under one roof. Or, to put it another way, in a single tab. You can now create interesting training videos with little overhead and with over 70 languages to choose from!

Benefits of using Synthesia for training video production

Easy to use

It has always been challenging to create training video material. Even anyone with no video production experience may create professional-looking videos with Synthesia.

Simple localization

Synthesia makes it simple to generate training videos in several languages as well as localize training video content by utilizing various AI avatars.


Although the same individual or team does not create the training videos, using Synthesia templates helps preserve uniformity and video production quality.

Savings in both time and money

When compared to alternative video writing tools, Teleperformance, for example, saved over five days and $650 per video.


A Synthesia-generated video may be readily changed at any time by just modifying the script.

Videohaus is always innovating, striving to be at the forefront of the latest in video tech! Our team uses Synthesia to create hundreds of hours of training videos for our corporate clients, and we can help you too! Just get in touch, and we’ll get started!

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