Editing Your Video Calls for Content

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Video conferencing has become the new norm. With platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, and Teams leading the way, more and more people find themselves with valuable call recordings that discuss product features, benefits, and the future of the company. Turning these recordings into engaging YouTube content is the next logical step, especially if you’re looking to excite your audience with snapshots of content before a big launch!

But before hitting that upload button, it's crucial to invest time in editing. Let's dive into the why's and how's.

Why you must edit recordings before uploading them

Polish and Professionalism

Editing removes unnecessary gaps, ‘umms’, ‘aahs’, and awkward pauses. This makes your content feel more polished and professional.


According to YouTube's algorithms, engagement is key. Edited videos with smooth transitions, captions, and other elements hold viewer attention longer, leading to better metrics for your content.


Not every part of your video call might be relevant to your YouTube audience. Editing allows you to keep the meaty parts and trim out the rest.


Adding intros, outros, and watermarks can give your content a unique identity, helping with brand recognition.

Enhanced Audio and Video Quality

Background noise, low volume levels, or uneven lighting? Editing tools can help fix these issues, enhancing the overall quality of your content.

Editing Tools That Don't Need Technical Know-How

For many, the idea of editing can seem daunting. The good news? There are tools available that cater to both beginners and pros.

iMovie (Mac)

Ease of Use: iMovie is a beginner-friendly tool for Mac users. Its drag-and-drop interface is straightforward and intuitive.

Features: Add titles, music, transitions, and more. iMovie also offers a library of pre-set themes and backgrounds.

Exporting: Once edited, you can directly export your video to YouTube with the preferred settings.

Adobe Premiere Rush (Windows/Mac/iOS/Android)

Ease of Use: This is a simplified version of Adobe Premiere Pro. It's designed for those who want quality without delving too deep into technicalities.

Features: Offers color correction, audio enhancements, and built-in templates. You can also add transitions, text, and more.

Exporting: Rush supports direct exporting to various platforms, including YouTube.

Filmora (Windows/Mac)

Ease of Use: Filmora is beginner-friendly with a robust set of features. Its interface is clean and simple.

Features: Includes music, transitions, text effects, and more. Filmora also offers a range of filters and overlays to give your videos a unique touch.

Exporting: Supports a range of formats and direct upload to platforms, including YouTube.

Kapwing (Online)

Ease of Use: Being an online tool, there's nothing to download. Its interface is simple, making it perfect for quick edits.

Features: Basic trimming, adding text, and more. Ideal for those who just want to make minor tweaks.

Exporting: Once edited, you can download your video and then upload it to YouTube.

Advanced Editing for the Ambitious

For those willing to scale the steeper learning curve, Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro (for Mac users) offer a world of advanced editing possibilities. These tools provide a range of professional-grade features, from intricate color correction to detailed audio enhancements.

Editing Made Effortless with Videohaus!

We understand that while many find joy in the editing process, for others, it can be a daunting task. That's where Videohaus comes in. Why spend countless hours trying to learn the ropes when our experienced in-house team at Videohaus is ready to transform your raw recordings into polished masterpieces?

Professional Touch

Our team knows what works. From effective transitions to captivating graphics, we've got it covered.

Personalized Branding

Your brand is unique. Our edits will ensure that your videos resonate with your brand voice, complete with branding elements and graphics that represent you.

Hassle-Free Experience

Send us your recordings, and let us handle the rest. It's that simple!

Don't let the intricacies of video editing hold you back. Allow Videohaus to bring your vision to life. Ready for a game-changer? Get in touch now and let's make your content shine!

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