Drive up Event Participation with Instructional Videos

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Getting attendees to join in-person or virtual events is becoming increasingly challenging. Suppose your landing page promotions, emails, and social media posts are falling short in terms of registration numbers. In that case, it might be time to consider leveraging the power of video to generate enthusiasm and demand for your event.

Creating instructional videos can effectively convey the value of your event to potential attendees. Instead of relying on paragraphs of text to explain your upcoming event on a landing page, try sharing a captivating video with your target audience. This video can capture their interest by highlighting the topics that will be covered, providing glimpses of the venue, addressing common questions, and ultimately showcasing the value of your event through visual storytelling.

While generating early interest in your event is a challenge in itself, maintaining that interest once the event begins can be even more difficult. On average, virtual events experience a no-show rate of 35%. To ensure that people not only log on but also actively participate throughout your event, you'll need a marketing campaign that excites, educates, and inspires attendees.

What is an instructional video?

An instructional video is a form of video content that aims to teach, provide guidance, answer queries, or systematically explain a particular concept. There are various types of instructional videos, with product demonstrations and screen recordings being among the most common ones.

In the realm of event marketing, instructional videos can be utilized to promote, engage, or repurpose an event. They serve as valuable resources to inform and educate potential attendees about the event, its features, benefits, and how to make the most of their experience.

4 Live Event Instructional Video Ideas

Planning an event is fraught with uncertainty. Because online registration takes a few clicks, registration is difficult to trust. Even though thousands of people have registered for your next online conference, there is no assurance of attendance until the event begins and everyone logs in.

Furthermore, how can you ensure that attendees remain interested after they enter your virtual event?

Marketers must attract guests' interest by demonstrating that the event is more than simply a method to acquire new content but also an opportunity to connect with speakers and network with other attendees.

With these instructional video ideas, you can keep your in-person and virtual participants interested throughout your event.


Demonstration videos are the way to go when you want to show a product in action. These videos frequently employ original footage to demonstrate a product via testing, unboxing, or someone demonstrating how to use its features.

Demo videos might show during a keynote address or an ad break at an event.


Speakers may present a pre-recorded tutorial video throughout the event. This video should teach audiences a new skill, like how to use the features of a given product.

Alternatively, a speaker might provide a masterclass on how they accomplished a certain result.

Make a screen recording of a how-to video.

Screen recordings are becoming more common in marketing initiatives. 57% of video marketers produced screen-recorded videos in 2022.

It's easy to see why: they're straightforward approaches to demonstrating rather than telling people. The goal is to edit them efficiently to appear professional rather than amateurish. If your event is focused on online technology, then screen recordings can be used to illustrate various capabilities and use cases.

Interactive sessions will be streamed live.

Do you want your offline participants to attend your live events as well? Create live-streaming interactive seminars in which everyone may participate.

To promote participation from both online and in-person participants, consider including a live poll, a live Q&A, or networking opportunities if you're having a live session with speakers.

You may live stream your event so that online attendees can experience the ambiance if you're hosting an after-party or networking session and you don't want them to miss out.

Create your own instructional videos!

You may use instructional videos to advertise your event at any point throughout your campaign. They serve as a means of building anticipation, involving participants, and inspiring potential guests to register. Knowing your audience and sharing information that will inform and entertain them are the keys to producing successful instructional videos.

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