Create Unlimited Content for Your Brand

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You either have a sea of video ideas, or you have a blank page. There is no in-between.

For those who relate to not having video ideas, don’t sweat it: generating content ideas is a matter ofresearch, inspiration,and knowing yourvalues and content pillars.

This simple rule of 5 will have you coming up with tons of ideas in no time!

1 – Maximise your content pillars
Content pillars are 3-5 topics that your brand discusses in depth. For example, a local gymnasium might have three content pillars: exercise, diet, and inspirational posts.

These pillars are a starting point for new content ideas. The more pillars you have, the more content ideas you can generate and work with! Focus on solving problems and educating your audience. But make sure you don’t spread too thin with too many topics.

**2 – Utilize user-generated content (UGC)**
User-generated content includes testimonials and videos of customers using your product. Repost the positives, transparently address the negatives and use them as an opportunity to improve.

3 – Same topic, different format
This is pretty self-explanatory: cover the same topic multiple times, but in different formats. You can make your blog post into a reel, a reel into a YouTube Short, and your email newsletter into a YouTube video. The channels to reach your audience are endless! Repackage the same information and deliver it in a new way.

4 – Research other companies
Find out which topics are working well for other businesses. This doesn’t imply you should copy their content, but it might be beneficial for you to take inspiration and spin the content in a way that aligns with your brand and values.

For example: a law firm putting out a video on what to do before contacting a lawyer can serve as inspiration for you to make a video on what your customers need to prepare before approaching you to solve a problem. You can employ the same model when hopping on a trend.

However, if the law firm publishes their employee testimonial video and you copy the same testimonials and make your employees recite it, that is considered plagiarism!

5 – Explore all angles
Maybe your product solves a problem for consumers, merchants, and middlemen. Have you created videos taking all of them into account? You can cover a single topic from every possible angle, showcasing the versatility of your product (and get unlimited content ideas!).

Staying consistent on social media requires discipline and new ideas, and if you stick with it long enough, you get to evolve your brand and business, refine your communication with your ideal customer, and bridge the gap between you and your audience.

In the end, the best ideas will come from the resources of your own mind. In addition to finding inspiration on the internet, go outside and find new ideas in books and billboards. The world is full of new and exciting ventures, so there is already a wealth of unlimited content around you!

Sometimes you just need to get started and try something new – even if you are unsure. You might even surprise yourself!