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A product demo video provides insight into the working of your product, which consumers can use to decide whether they want to make the purchase or not. It is a powerful educational tool, and if you are creative enough with it, it can drive traffic and sales immensely.

In fact,86% of businesses use videos as a marketing toolfor this exact reason, and 92% of marketers count videos as an important part of their marketing strategy.

These videos vary in style, but 42% of marketers have used live-action videos, while 33% went for animated videos and 15% used screen-recorded videos.

Best Product Demo video examples
Some of the best product demo videos are simple, cut through the jargon, and create an emotion that you can resonate with. Regardless of the video style they chose, these videos went to the heart of the product and brought a perspective that was all about you, not them!

Style:Animation, screen-recording
Aim:Explain usage of the product

Introducing the new SurveyMonkey

In this colorful, fast-paced demo video, SurveyMonkey walks us through all its features and benefits while focusing on ease of use for you, the consumer.

Style:Live action
Aim:Introduce a new app

Say Hej to IKEA Place

In less than a minute, IKEA identifies your pain point, shows you how you’ve been dealing with furniture buying till now, and provides a solution. What’s more, they even show you how their new augmented reality app works. They’ve essentially taken everything that makes IKEA great (efficiency, ease of putting furniture together) and put it into a video!

Style:Live action
Aim:Explain usage of the product

Zoom Meetings

This is a classic example of a great product demo video. You can shoot something like this in one location and get friends or coworkers to film themselves remotely for B-Roll footage. It jumps straight into explaining the features and showing how it works, giving people a good understanding of the platform before investing any money or time in it.

Style:Live action, graphics
Aim:Explain usage of the product

You've Probably Heard of Slack

This video can also be shot in one location, requiring minimal set design and investment and a little creativity in editing and graphics. Slack is a workplace communication platform that’s great for project management, and this video does a wonderful job of walking you through the features without feeling too information-heavy.

Style:Live action
Aim:Sell a lifestyle

Nespresso CITIZ&MILK machine

Any video that requires minimal effort, a single location, and relies on a powerful script is a favorite of Videohaus.

Nespresso’s product demo video focuses on the feeling you get when you drink coffee. The image of a perfect countertop with a beautiful espresso machine, a pot filled with espresso pods, and the satisfying whirr sound of the machine pulling an espresso shot all combine to provide the start of a perfect morning. With one location, one table, your product, a green screen, and a good idea, you can create a similar feeling with your product demo!

How to create the perfect product demo video
Identify your goal
Do you want to get subscriptions? Purchases? Do you aim to educate on your product, introduce a new one, or just create awareness?

These questions are essential to guide the rest of your process. In the case of Nespresso, the company wanted to sell a lifestyle and created a video that would give you the feeling of a coffee connoisseur. The intention of Slack and SurveyMonkey was to show you how easy their platform is to navigate so you consider using them for your work.

So make your goal statement. Example: “After watching my product demo video, I want the viewer to subscribe to my software.”

Identify the audience
IKEA’s augmented reality feature is for customers who have been using IKEA for a while now and need a solution to a common problem. Slack’s video is for people unfamiliar with Slack entirely. Who is your video catered to?

Your story and tone will need to change depending on whether someone has purchased your product before and what their problem is. Your duration and how you showcase the product will be dictated by these factors!

Choose between live-action or animation
It all depends on your offering. Animation is a great way to show a walkthrough of using software or introducing a new feature, but live-action provides a human feel to the video. Imagine the Nespresso video if it were animated… not quite the same experience, is it? Platforms like SurveyMonkey and Duolingo might require animation due to their branding, while Skillshare, Slack, and Nespresso, which aim to make your life better, will go for live-action.

Structure and script
Are you telling a story? Are you only showcasing new features? Or hitting on a pain point and offering a solution? Again, this will depend on the goal of your video. If you’re lost on how to start, reach out to our experts, who will help you write and plan your video from pre-production to post-production!

This won’t be as relevant if you’re going with an animated video. However, if you’ve chosen to go with a live-action video, all you need now is a location, your script, and a cameraman to create the perfect product demo video.

Finally, once you’re done shooting, editing, and finalizing the video, you can work on creating a marketing plan to decide where you will publish it. YouTube, your landing page, and email newsletters, are all good options for distribution!

As consumers look for more video content to learn about new products and services, employing videos in your marketing strategy will only help you grow and attract new customers. Ready to create your product demo video?Get started with Videohaus!

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