Content Creation Doesn’t Have to Take Time

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As a business, you may often feel like your valuable time is better spent developing and improving your offer rather than pushing it online. Let’s just say development and marketing go hand in hand! Your efforts to improve your offer are in vain if your customers don’t know you exist.

This doesn’t mean dedicating 3-4 days a week for video creation. Some may choose to… but they have in-house teams that handle video creation and social media. If you’re an independent entrepreneur or startup, that task falls on you.

So… the more efficient your social media content generation process, the better! Here are 5 ways to save time in creating content.

1 – Streamline your research process
Research can easily take up a chunk of your time if you don’t have a plan going in. Even with a strong understanding of your audience, you may feel lost and scroll YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok for hours, waiting for some video idea to click. Instead, streamline this process by looking at your analytics (to see what’s performing best) and looking at your competitors (to see what their audience is engaging with).

2 – Batch your social media content
The process of booking a studio, arriving, shooting, driving back, and editing can quickly get tedious if you don’t have a content calendar and a production plan. Spend 2 hours to script and prepare for your shoots and another 3 hours in the studio making enough content for the month. You will reclaim a major chunk of your time and your engagement will not suffer.

3 – Repurpose old content
Sometimes you hit a creator’s block… there is nothing wrong with that! Go through all the other content you have created and look into repurposing it. Your blogs can become YouTube videos or podcasts; your old YouTube videos can be reformatted to fit Reels and TikTok formats.

4 – Cut back on quantity
Video content creation should be a fun, educational process. Putting pressure on yourself to perform and produce 15 videos a month will result in low-quality videos, directly impacting your viewership. Don’t waste time trying to produce a ton of content. Consistency does not equal showing up every single day… it means providing valuable content every time you show up.

5 – Hire a video editor
Don’t spend hours being critical of your work and changing minute details; hire a video editor to handle your content like a pro and provide results. You’ve always got Videohaus to help out with that!

No matter how you approach video content creation, there will always be a way to cut down some part of the process and make it efficient. Just remember that taking the shortcut shouldn’t affect quality because your viewers will ultimately find you for the topics and stay for the value and quality you provide.

What is a process of video creation you struggle with? Tell us in the comments!

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