9 Types of Videos All Businesses Can Use

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Videos have become essential for businesses to reach and engage with their audiences. Whether for marketing, training, or internal communications, videos can convey messages more impactful and memorable way than other forms of media.

However, with so many different types of videos available, it can be overwhelming for businesses to know which ones to create.

This article will explore nine types of videos businesses can use to communicate effectively with their audiences and achieve their goals. From explainer videos to customer testimonials, we'll cover a range of video styles and provide examples of how businesses can use them to their advantage. Whether you're a small startup or a large corporation, these videos will help you connect with your audience, increase engagement, and achieve your business objectives.

Onboarding videos

What is a lead's first impression as a new member of your company's family when they ultimately convert and become a customer? How will you greet them to make them feel at ease? And how will you ensure that they comprehend everything there is to know about what you have to offer? Introducing onboarding videos, which explain to clients the ins and outs of all your products.

These videos assist your clients in getting started with your product on the proper foot. That is why spending extra time polishing the messaging is critical to ensure it is helpful and easy to grasp.

Company culture videos

Regarding it, business culture videos are the most enjoyable (and the simplest) to make. After all, they are about anything and everything. And we're not talking about your typical business video.

Did you organize a guacamole-making contest for your team one Tuesday during lunch? Make a video of it! Your CEO went to work on a motor scooter? You have no option but to record that.

These videos allow clients to see who you are behind the scenes as individuals and as a corporation. There's no better way to engage with your followers than to give them a behind-the-scenes look inside your office.

You may also utilize these videos to demonstrate to potential workers what your working atmosphere is like. Don't simply tell them about your awesome company culture and list your excellent advantages; show them how it works in reality.

Video voicemails

Video voicemails are low-cost, high-reward videos that may be used by front-line staff to interact with consumers and leads. Consider these to be jazzed-up versions of phone voicemails. You can swiftly react to a customer's inquiry or introduce yourself to a prospect using only your computer's webcam. You can also include good video thumbnails in the emails, increasing the chances of your customers clicking on the video.

Sales presentations

Video may be a powerful sales tool, especially if you work with clients worldwide. Using a pre-recorded sales presentation has several advantages, not the least of which involves timing. Emailing back and forth to get anything in the books might slow the sales process.

Using a camera and a screen-recording application like Soapbox to capture a sales presentation might help speed things up. Prospects may view your presentation at leisure, returning to what you said earlier in the pitch and sharing it with colleagues if necessary. Not only will they appreciate your work and thoughtfulness, but they will also be able to obtain more of the information they want right away.

Product videos

Do you market a product or service that is difficult to describe succinctly? Or you've done sufficient research to know that having a video on your product page boosts visitors' time on the page and, as a result, their probability of converting.

Product videos demonstrate the advantages and benefits of your product and how it works, all while captivating your audience. They're especially useful for customers who are in the awareness or contemplation stages of the buyer's journey and want a detailed explanation of what you provide.

Social videos

Whether you choose Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, or a mix of the platforms, the videos you post there can attract visitors to your website or stay on your pages to develop brand recognition. Short-form content is thriving on these platforms, and you want to take advantage of this fact to make short, simple, yet powerful video content.

Teaser videos for social media

There are so many content streams accessible to you and your audience. How will you ever locate and connect with one another? One method is creating videos to promote the same product or campaign. While your primary content may be on your website, your leads and customers will likely be visiting Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook more frequently. Hence, upload teaser videos there and link to the lengthier version to raise exposure.

Video Series

A high-quality web series used to require months of preparation and a big budget. Today, you can achieve the same results with minimal planning and a rented studio, or even your iPhone if you are crafty enough!

Video series are a great way to encourage your brand's (and business's) long-term growth. Make compelling, episodic video content and let your consumers binge-watch all of your series directly on your website!

Internal training videos

Everyone, especially new employees, will benefit from a helping hand from time to time. You may save time and frustration by utilizing video to walk new workers through in-depth procedures about how your product and company work. Furthermore, internal training videos are beneficial to every one of your staff, not just new hires.

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Incorporating video into your business strategy can significantly impact your success. Businesses can effectively communicate with their audience and achieve their goals by utilizing the nine types of videos outlined in this article.

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