6 Tips to Make Videos Without Technical Know-How

6 Tips to Make Videos Without Technical Know-How theme image

Creating a video (or video series!) to market your product or service is an easy, shareable way to connect with your customers, but the thing that often holds people back is their lack of technical knowledge of cameras.

97% of video marketersreportedthat using video increased their users’ understanding of the product, while 76% reported higher sales numbers. There is no disputing that videos are the way to go, so you can’t allow a lack of technical know-how to get in the way of a great video campaign!

So here are 5 ways you get around your fear of filming equipment and produce great video content.

1 – The simpler your edit, the simpler your settings
This is a general rule of thumb for any video content. Technical know-how is required when you’re fiddling with tens of settings, accounting for lighting, colors, etc. However, the simpler you want your end product to be, the less you need to worry about technicalities. 95% of the time, the ‘auto-mode’ feature on your camera will adjust everything for you.

2 – Use what looks good
There is no point in cramming years worth of technical knowledge in one night – trust your eyes. After you record a few takes, review the footage on the camera monitor, a laptop/desktop, or your phone. If the footage looks good in all mediums, you can proceed.

3 – Be aware of lighting
Videohaus is equipped with lights, but we’ve also got windows. If you are booking the studio for longer than 2 hours, we suggest closing the blinds to keep a consistent look throughout your video.

4 – Be aware of sound
The quality of your video is elevated when your sound is crisp, clear, and clean. Videohaus uses state-of-the-art microphones for videos and podcasts, so you won’t have to worry about audio quality. When you play your recording back, make sure to hear it both with and without headphones to ensure all your viewers get the best experience.

5 – It’s okay to ‘fix-it-in-post’
It’s not possible to get everything perfect your first time around, so prepare to fix things like color and lighting in the editing stage. You can use an easy, user-friendly software like iMovie or outsource the editing to a professional.

6 – Book a technician
The Videohaus booking page has an option for you to hire a camera technician who will come in and set up everything for you, making the process simpler and less time-consuming for you. Alternatively, you have the option to book a remote technician which is at your disposal during your stay at the Videohaus via phone and video call.

Video making is undoubtedly one of the most effective ways to convert visitors to customers. While it can be a daunting task, it is one of the most rewarding things you can do for your business.

Don’t let the technicalities of lights, cameras, and mics intimidate you into avoiding video marketing! If you want help getting started, you can begin your video content creation journey with Videohaus, and we can guide you through the process!


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