5 Video Scripts You Can Steal to Make a Sale

5 Video Scripts You Can Steal to Make a Sale theme image

Videos are always a great way to make a first impression; it’s personal, engaging, and employs the traditional value of face-to-face interactions without actually needing to meet people. The trend of virtual selling has only become more popular with the pandemic, forcing businesses to get creative with their sales techniques and adopt modern means of selling.

Since everybody has moved online, it only makes sense to move your sales funnel completely online too. If you’re just getting started, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! You can steal these 5 video script templates to make a sale!

1) Personal Introduction

Reaching out with a video personalizes the experience and builds trust and authenticity. If you find a prospective client that could greatly benefit from your services, record a video and send it via LinkedIn or email.

2) Follow-up

Sometimes, the initial message doesn’t get a response. This could be because:

  • You didn’t make your offer clear
  • You didn’t address a key concern they have
  • They just got busy.

Either way, you can reach out again and offer to solve all their doubts over a quick call.

3) Follow-up right after a phone call.

Remember to take notes during your call with the prospective client and summarise your conversation in the video! It leaves a great impression and shows you are invested in their success.

4) Follow-up when a client ghosts you after a conversation.

So you had a conversation that felt promising, but the client went on to ghost you for several months. Rather than letting that lead go cold, reach out again with a message and remind them of the value you provide and how you can help them. Finally, wrap it up with another call to action, encouraging them to move forward with working with you.

5) Post-sales video

Making the sale doesn’t mean the job is done. You’ve acquired them… now you have to keep them. You can use a post-sales video to upsell your other services, check in on the client’s progress, or introduce them to your other team members who will be working with them.


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