5 Places to Find Trending Topics for Your Next Video Content

5 Places to Find Trending Topics for Your Next Video Content theme image

Staying attuned to trending topics is paramount. Discovering fresh ideas doesn't have to be a challenge. This article unveils five invaluable sources where creators can unearth trending subjects, ensuring your next video maintains relevance and captures your audience's attention. From social media trends to industry insights, these platforms offer a roadmap to crafting compelling and up-to-the-minute content that resonates in the digital landscape.

Why do you need to follow trends for video content?

Following trends for video content is imperative in the dynamic landscape of digital media. Trends act as indicators of what's capturing the attention and interests of your target audience at any given moment. Incorporating trending topics into your video content strategy offers several key advantages.

Firstly, it enhances relevance. Creating videos around trending subjects ensures that your content aligns with current conversations, making it more likely to resonate with viewers and appear in search results. This can substantially boost your video's visibility and engagement.

Secondly, trend-driven content demonstrates your brand's adaptability and awareness. It showcases your ability to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in your industry, portraying your brand as a thought leader who's actively engaged with the evolving landscape.

Moreover, trend-focused videos have a higher chance of going viral or gaining traction due to their alignment with popular discussions. Virality can significantly expand your reach, attracting new audiences and potential customers.

Lastly, embracing trends showcases creativity. Interpreting a trending topic through your unique lens demonstrates innovation, setting you apart from competitors and offering fresh perspectives that resonate with your viewers.

Number 1: Google Trends

When it comes to pinpointing emerging search topics within your industry, Google Trends stands as the ultimate tool of choice. This powerful platform meticulously monitors worldwide search patterns, furnishing extensive data dissected by chronological span, geographical location, sector, search classification (such as web search versus YouTube), and beyond.

Notably, Google Trends has undergone substantial enhancements in recent years, integrating into the broader scope of Google Search. Beyond serving as a mere search engine, Google now functions as a hub where users input queries and access the latest trending narratives tailored to their preferences. This amalgamation has elevated Google's status from a search tool to a real-time information trove, making it an indispensable resource for tracking and staying ahead of trending subjects.

Number 2: Exploding Topics

Entrepreneurs, investors, and trend-savvy individuals seeking to unearth burgeoning business concepts, industries, or enterprises will find this tool indispensable. However, unlike alternative trending topic resources, Exploding Topics may appear less comprehensive in contextual information. To maximize your grasp of a trend, you can either subscribe to their newsletter or synergize this tool with supplementary resources, thereby ensuring a holistic understanding of the trend's nuances and implications.

Number 3: SparkToro Trending

With the closure of Inbound.org, a significant gap emerged for marketers, which Sparktoro admirably stepped in to fill. The emergence of Sparktoro Trending has proven to be a pivotal development, particularly for marketers seeking to stay at the forefront of industry insights. This innovative feature presents the most current and relevant articles spanning marketing, SEO, and technology.

What sets Sparktoro Trending apart is its methodology for unearthing these trends. The platform draws upon various factors, primarily the volume of social shares garnered from its connected member base, among other methods. This multifaceted approach ensures that the surfaced trends are not only reflective of social engagement but also possess a well-rounded representation of their relevance and impact within the industry.

Number 4: Feedly

After pinpointing the pivotal publications or news outlets that resonate with your audience, this tool emerges as a prime choice for consolidating the freshest stories seamlessly. Unquestionably, Feedly ranks among the elite tools for recognizing emerging trends and maintaining industry currency, adeptly presenting the latest articles from your meticulously curated selection.

In addition to its fundamental features, Feedly offers a range of premium functionalities. This includes the capacity to track newsletters, Twitter feeds, and Google News streams, all of which enrich your information pool. Furthermore, its AI-powered bot is a valuable asset, tirelessly scouring the digital landscape for specific subjects of interest. This amalgamation of features positions Feedly as a comprehensive resource for trend identification and a holistic understanding of your industry's evolving landscape.

Number 5: Podcast Notes

Podcasts emerge as an often overlooked yet invaluable tool in uncovering emerging trends. With the podcasting industry currently valued at a substantial $1 billion and projected to attract a 10% annual increase in listeners, the potential for trend identification for your clients or organization is immense.

However, the comprehensive nature of podcasts demands a significant investment of time and concentration, rendering them less accessible to a wide audience. In this context, Podcast Notes emerges as a solution, addressing the challenge of distilling the core insights from individual podcasts into a swift and easily digestible newsletter format.

For those constrained by time constraints, Podcast Notes assumes the role of an automated curator, effortlessly sifting through various podcasts across diverse realms, including fitness, nutrition, startups, technology, finance, and lifestyle. By shouldering the effort of digesting multiple podcasts each week, Podcast Notes empowers individuals to effortlessly stay attuned to key trends within their field, regardless of their time limitations.

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