3 Time-Saving Apps for Video Content Creation

3 Time-Saving Apps for Video Content Creation theme image

Content is everything, and creating videos for multiple platforms on a consistent basis can quickly get intimidating.

As a response to this problem, the app store is filled with hundreds of time management and scheduling tools to make video content creation easier… but who can spend the time testing each and every one?

That’s why we are bringing you the 3 best apps for video content creation to help you with your video marketing strategy. You can use these to grow your brand and business on any online channel.

**1 – Hootsuite**
Hootsuite is a social media management platform that allows you to connect multiple accounts and schedule your posts ahead of time. The free plan allows you to connect three platforms and plan 30 posts in advance, so you can spend about 20 minutes planning and executing content for the next 10 days.

**2 – Notion**
Notion is like Google Docs, Calendar, Trello, and Todoist rolled into one. This project management tool allows you to create boards, track projects, list new ideas, link inspiration and reference posts, and stay updated on your team’s progress. You can create different trackers for YouTube, Instagram, and other platforms, adding ideas and monitoring progress as you go.

**3 – Rev**
This is the best tool for repurposing your videos and generating unlimited content for your channels! You can take all the videos you’ve created and convert them into blog posts thanks to the platform’s transcribing feature. Once you record your videos with Videohaus, run them through Rev to get the transcription and post it as a blog or send it in a newsletter!

Apps for content creation make your life easier, but you can lower the time you spend on ideation, recording, editing, and publishing altogether by hiring a content agency. Videohaus works with a team of writers, camera technicians, video editors, and strategists to help you stay consistent with making content and connect with your audience.

So if you’re wondering how some businesses are staying on top of their game with consistent video content creation and showing up on social media, now you know!

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