16 Virtual Events to Engage Livestream Attendees

16 Virtual Events to Engage Livestream Attendees theme image

In a world increasingly connected through technology, virtual events have become the go-to platform for businesses to engage their audience remotely. However, standing out in the digital realm requires creativity, innovation, and a touch of out-of-the-box thinking.

If you're looking to captivate your livestream attendees and leave a lasting impression, we've got you covered. Here are 16 exciting ideas to make your virtual event an unforgettable experience!

What is a virtual event?

A virtual event refers to an event conducted entirely online, encompassing a wide range of activities such as conferences, festivals, award ceremonies, live sports, and religious live streams.

Unlike traditional in-person events, virtual events offer cost-effective and flexible options, eliminating concerns about venue capacity, physical materials, logistics, and excessive expenses.

One of the advantages of virtual events is the absence of physical limitations. Marketers can focus on engaging their audience in a meaningful way without the constraints of occupancy rules, printed materials, furniture arrangements, swag budgets, or extravagant bar tabs.

This freedom allows for full creative control to customize the digital experience according to the unique branding and objectives of the event.

Why do my live streams need virtual events?

Incorporating virtual events as part of your livestream strategy can provide numerous benefits and enhance your overall audience engagement. Here are some compelling reasons why you need virtual events in your livestream:


Hosting virtual events can be more cost-effective compared to traditional in-person events. You can save on expenses related to venue rentals, travel, accommodation, and catering. Virtual events also eliminate the need for physical event logistics, such as setting up stages, booths, and signage.

Flexibility and Convenience

Livestreaming virtual events provides flexibility for both organizers and attendees. Participants can join from the comfort of their own homes or offices, eliminating the need for travel and allowing for greater convenience. Virtual events can be scheduled at different times to accommodate attendees across various time zones.

Interactive and Engaging Experiences

Virtual events offer a wide range of interactive features to engage your livestream attendees. You can incorporate live chat, Q&A sessions, polls, and interactive presentations to encourage active participation and foster meaningful interactions with your audience.

On-Demand Accessibility

Virtual events can be recorded and made available on-demand for later viewing. This allows attendees who may have missed the live event to access the content at their convenience, extending the lifespan and impact of your livestream.

16 Virtual Event Ideas for All Occasions

Team Entertainment

As more people work remotely, it's important for leadership teams to come up with creative ways to engage employees. According to a report by HubSpot, 40% of remote team members miss spontaneous connections with colleagues. To remedy that, here are 3 virtual team entertainment ideas you can consider for planning your virtual event:

  1. Virtual Museum Visit

Even though we can't travel to famous museums, we can still enjoy art collections from afar. Many museums offer virtual experiences that you can explore with your team. Use Google Arts & Culture to create an online tour and have discussions about the amazing works of art over coffee.

  1. Casual Party Games:

Games like murder mysteries translate well to an online environment as they don't require many game pieces. Try playing Werewolf virtually with your employees. You can be the moderator or assign someone from your team to keep the game running smoothly.

  1. Sporting Event Viewing:

Watching important sports matches is always more enjoyable when shared with others. Even if you can't be at the game in person, you can organize a virtual sports-watching party for your team. It's a great way to create camaraderie and support your favorite teams together.

Team Learning

Virtual events have become popular, and they offer a great opportunity to engage both your audience and employees. Here are a few ideas for professional learning events:

  1. Fireside Chat:

Hosting a fireside chat is a simple and effective virtual event idea. You can set up a live stream broadcast for your team and invite industry thought leaders or motivational speakers to share their insights on interesting topics.

  1. Training:

Virtual events can also be used for training and onboarding purposes. Instead of traditional classroom-style teaching, you can make training sessions more engaging and fun. Take inspiration from Axalta, a coatings company that found innovative ways to train their technicians virtually.

  1. Digital Summit:

Digital summits are a great way to promote your brand and reach a larger audience. Look at successful examples like Facebook's F8 Refresh event and Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference. Consider incorporating breakout sessions, group networking, and other interactive activities to make the event exciting for your audience.

  1. TED-inspired Talk:

Hosting a TED Talk-inspired keynote or webinar is an excellent opportunity to showcase your team's expertise in your industry. If hosting a local TEDx Talk is not feasible, you can still set up a TED-style live stream. Demonstrating a strong understanding of your field can help you build a loyal audience.

Team Social Learning

To boost employee engagement, it's important to incorporate social elements into virtual events. According to Gallup research, highly engaged workplaces experience lower absenteeism and higher profitability. Here are a couple of ideas for social learning events:

  1. Book Club:

Organizing a virtual book club for your staff is a fantastic way to engage them. Book clubs allow individuals to read independently and then come together for engaging discussions. You can schedule regular meetings based on the group's preference, whether weekly or monthly.

  1. Fitness Class:

Virtual fitness classes can add wellness and fun to your organization's content programming. From yoga and pilates to kickboxing, there are various virtual fitness classes available. Consider partnering with a fitness instructor to create a customized well-being event for your team.

Team Parties and Celebrations

Having fun in the workplace is important, and it can contribute to a positive work environment. Consider these virtual events for team parties and celebrations:

  1. Awards Ceremony:

Hosting a virtual employee awards ceremony is a rewarding and enjoyable experience. Make it more engaging by setting a dress code or rolling out a virtual red carpet. You can also suggest food and drink pairings to complement the evening. Including prizes like gift cards adds an extra level of excitement.

Team Challenges

To promote collaboration and communication among your remote employees, it's important to organize virtual events that encourage teamwork. Here are some accessible and enjoyable options:

  1. Social Media Challenge:

Engage your teams by creating or participating in a social media challenge. While it may seem silly at first, copying the latest TikTok dances or participating in other non-dance challenges can be a lot of fun. All you need is a smartphone to join in the excitement.

  1. Digital Scavenger Hunt:

Get creative with a virtual scavenger hunt or virtual escape room-style game. Provide clues and tasks that participants can complete online to find objects and reach the finish line. Use breakout sessions or rooms to allow teams to collaborate and strategize.

  1. Trivia:

Bring some friendly competition to your virtual event with online trivia. Hosting a trivia night is just as easy virtually as it is in person. You can even make it more exciting by turning it into a game show format. Participants can join alone, with a small team, or even with people from different locations.

  1. Photography Contest:

Tap into your employees' photography skills with a virtual photo contest. Smartphones have made it easier than ever to capture stunning photos. You can find inspiration for photo challenge prompts on Instagram or create your own contest from scratch. Consider hosting a virtual gallery and organizing an awards ceremony to celebrate the participants.

Customer Nurturing

Virtual events aren't limited to internal company use. You can also create engaging events to nurture your customer relationships. Consider these ideas:

  1. Morning Show:

Take a page from Zendesk's book and create a live streaming series like the Zendesk Morning Show. This can be an excellent way to support and engage your customers online. Deliver relevant content and use tools like private links and review features in a video library to enhance your communication strategy.

  1. Networking Events:

If you want to project a professional image and connect with potential clients or prospective hires, virtual networking events are a smart choice. Use your own team members and subject matter experts to plan and host the event, ensuring the content is informative and valuable.

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